Be able to read and understand the Quran without translations.

Study the language of the Quran at your own pace and teach the Quran to your children with increased confidence. Grasp up to 80 percent of what you’re reading!

This is for you:

If you want a simple curriculum to fit into your busy schedule
if you’ve always wanted to understand the Quran but never had the opportunity for spiritual education
If you want to teach your children or if you want to study as a family to grow closer to the Quran
If you want to stop relying on differing translations
If you are thirsty for knowledge but don’t know where to start

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Where it all began…

The Most Helpful Course In Quranic Arabic You’ll Ever Take
Imam Adam’s passion is making understanding the Quran easy and fun, whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

The Quranic Arabic Professionals

Imam Adam Jamal started Quranic because he wanted to make the Quran more accessible and easy to learn. He had gone through his own long journey, spanning 15 years, and wanted to make this knowledge easy to attain for people from all walks of life who may not have had the access previously. The Quran is a crucial part of every Muslim’s life and he wanted to help people connect to it, using easy to use technology.

Imam Adam researched different language apps, noting how great they were at helping to improve language reading. This was what sparked the idea for Quranic, as, with the Quran, Muslims need to learn classical Arabic and how to read it, and needn’t worry about conversational Arabic.

What the Quranic curriculum boils down to is three facts:

10 words make up 25% of the Quran

60 words make up 50% of the Quran

Approximately 500 words make up 80% of the Quran

Companion App

With that in mind, we created an app that teaches Quranic vocabulary, along with a simple course and curriculum that teaches sentence structure and grammar.

You can get started as soon as you register!

What do you get?

A simplified curriculum that people of all ages and backgrounds can understand

A 24/7 support system always ready to help you navigate our website and answer questions.
Lessons by Imam Adam Jamal with uncomplicated concepts
Bite-sized lessons for people with limited time
Full access to our award-winning, easy-to-use app
The opportunity to collaborate with well-experienced instructors
Connection to a global Muslim community
As a revert, I’ve struggled to learn Arabic for many years, and I found myself reading the Quran without understanding. So I asked myself, how can I implement Allah’s guidance without understanding this book? I enrolled in many classes and each time I either gave up or I didn’t get to finish. Alhamdulillah I found the Quranic app, and I started using it, and it’s very easy to follow. As well as using the app, I also enrolled in the Understanding Quranic Arabic course with Imam Jamal. I was surprised that the course is so easy to follow, and it’s a fun way to learn.You can also join the WhatsApp group and connect with other learners. You can always message Imam Jamal if there’s something that you don’t understand. I haven’t looked back ever since. And alhamdulillah, whenever I read nowadays, I’m able to understand a few words. I intend to continue with this course. Thank you Imam Jamal for this truly wonderful and superb course!

Asia, Quranic Member

No more:

Complicated curriculums or classes

Difficult to understand lessons

Learning all the itty bitty details you don’t need

Wasting time learning irrelevant vocabulary

Lists of new terminology to memorise

Doing it alone

Feeling overwhelmed

Not knowing where or when to start

Lack of resources with no one to ask questions

Waiting on others to achieve and complete your goals! (Our online course is self-paced!)

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