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Arabic made easy.


Quranic teaches the language of the Quran in a fun & interactive way.

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Quranic teaches the language of the Quran in a fun & interactive way.

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Your Instructor

Imam Adam Jamal

Imam Adam Jamal


Imam Adam Jamal is an imam at the largest masjid in Washington State, USA. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He started his Arabic studies at Jamiatul-Ilm in Blackburn, UK. He completed a BA in Islam from IESH in France. He spent a year studying privately in Egypt and then pursued Imamship and a Master’s in Education at MIHE in the UK. Imam Adam has worked as a schoolteacher, Imam, and Arabic teacher for many years with many different organizations. For four years he was a department head and lead instructor at Bayyinah Institute’s Dream Program.

He enjoys seeing that look on a student’s face when Quran and Arabic finally start to click.

Here’s what our students have to say:


“It’s so great that it shows word translations with a tap, and the quizzes really help. Now I can recognize words from the Quran and it’s amazing! I’m not a native arabic speaker but understanding the Quran is exactly what I needed. Thank you Quranic team, such a great job! May Allah reward you in this life and the hereafter!”


“The Qur’an and its word-for-word translation is a great feature. I have miraculously been able to understand a third of what I recite (Alhamdulillah)!”

Abdul Malik

“The way the Quranic app is organized, as well as the tests, is excellent.”


“It’s such a good app to gradually build up the essential words of the Quran. I especially love the review section where I can revise the words. Thanks to this app I learnt new words and I was able to recognise them while reading the Quran.”


“Thanks to the app, I’m learning Quranic translations. It’s great!”


“I love the review section. It enables me to spot words while reciting the Quran later on.”


“Simple and convenient learning. I recognise words I never previously knew!”


“The word-by-word translation and then being quizzed on that ayah are so helpful, alhamdulillah, I’m recognizing words and having comprehension as I read the Qur’an.”


“My Quranic vocabulary has been really built up because of the Quranic app, and it’s improved my relationship to the Quran.”

Gun Gun

“I love all of the features. It’s improving my knowledge of Quranic words.”


“The addition of the stories really helps me to understand it all more.”


“This has really helped me to read the Quran.”

Aisha R

“Touching the words and reading their translation really helps me learn. I’m a convert to Islam, so I didn’t know any of the Quran before I started using the app. Now I do, alhamdulillah!”


“I love the daily lessons that teach Quranic verses and new vocabulary.”


“The review really helps to build up my vocabulary. Alhamdulliah I’ve learned the meaning of a lot of Quranic words. And it seems easy with Quranic!”


“It’s so cool being able to learn Arabic, and I loved learning about the stories of the Prophets, along with it.”


“Everything about this app is amazing. Gaining more knowledge about the Quran is great.”


“Quranic is a great app to increase one’s vocabulary of the Arabic language, particularly related to Quran. I really liked the word to word translation feature.”


“The word review is my favourite feature in the app. My vocabulary and understanding of Quranic verses has been greatly improved.”


“The verses and their meanings are presented while learning and we learn by reading a story of the Prophets. I know a lot of words while listening or reading the Quran during salah or outside of it, Alhamdulillah.”


“The visuals in the app are beautiful. I can understand the Quran so much better now.”


“The stories added really helped with learning the vocabulary, and the vocabulary helps revision of understanding when reading in Arabic.”


“The app is perfect. I give it a 10 out of 10.”


“The vocabulary review is so helpful. My comprehension has improved dramatically.”


“This app is great! It even helped with my Tajweed.”


Learn to read the Quran, and then master pronunciation and Tajweed with Quranic!

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Learn to read the Quran, and then master pronunciation and Tajweed with Quranic!

You have Successfully Subscribed!


Learn to read the Quran, and then master pronunciation and Tajweed with Quranic!

You have Successfully Subscribed!



Learn to read the Quran, and then master pronunciation and Tajweed with Quranic!

You have Successfully Subscribed!