By Umarrah Javed Al-Hadi

1. Plan and establish a regular routine of prayer and devotion.

This might involve setting aside specific times each day for prayer, reading The Qur’ān, dhikr and other community-based activities.

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2. Increase charitable giving and acts of kindness.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims are encouraged to be especially generous and to help those in need. Give money to charities, volunteer time to help others, or simply be more thoughtful of the needs of those around us.

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3. Improve one’s physical health through healthy eating and exercise.

Muslims are encouraged to take care of their bodies and to abstain from unhealthy habits. Eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and avoid unhealthy behaviors such as overeating during times outside of the fasting window.

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4. Develop a stronger sense of community and connection with other Muslims.

Ramadan is a time of increased community involvement, and participating in Ramadan activities and events, such as iftar dinners and tarawih prayers, can help to strengthen the bond with fellow believers.

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5. Improve one’s character and behavior.

Ramadan is a time to reflect on one’s actions and to make an effort to become a better person. This might involve working on specific character traits such as patience, kindness, or self-control.

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6. Increase one’s knowledge of Islam.

Muslims are encouraged to learn more about their faith and to deepen their understanding of the teachings of Islam. This might involve reading books about Islam, attending classes or workshops, or participating in study groups. 

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7. Develop a stronger sense of purpose and direction in life.

The month of Ramadan can be a time to reflect on one’s life and to set goals and make plans for the future in line with one’s values and beliefs.

Khutbah: The Purpose of Ramadan

May Allāh allow us to benefit from the blessings of this Ramadan and allow us to carry the lessons we learn from this month into the rest of the year.

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