“Islam requires community and I am an introvert, what do I do?”


I received this question recently.

A great question.

I think we all tend to have some mix of introversion and extroversion – no one is all introvert or all extrovert. You will find that when someone you consider an “introvert” is talking about their favorite topic, they light up and become the life of the party.

The Quran teaches us balance: 

On the one hand:
We should reflect on our own about the Quran.
The Prophet pbuh would spend days and weeks in the cave of Hira meditating until Jibreel came to him.
The night prayer alone with Allah is the best kind of prayer.

We should pray and fast together.
Give charity to others.
Make Hajj together.
We a nation of believers

So my answer to this question is to not consider yourself as introverted or extroverted – simply realize there are strengths you have and weaknesses you have and work on balancing yourself.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “The believer who is with people and is patient is better than the one who isolates themself”.

So there we have it.



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