“And Allah is powerful over everything.”  [2:20]

This phrase above occurs 33 times in the Quran.

I was reading about hoarding during the coronavirus pandemic. The first item to go was toilet paper.

Of alllll the things… it was toilet paper!

Psychologists say that at times of uncertainty, human beings are likely to want certainty in SOMETHING. So they chose the cheapest thing that anybody could buy in bulk to prepare for societal breakdown. Toilet paper.

Everyone cannot hoard food and other expensive items. But everyone can hoard toilet paper – so it became the first thing to go. And as others found out, it became a true craze and even more supply was bought out.

What we have to realize is… Yes we can prepare for such a situation. But we must always keep in mind that Allah is in control – we can never, ever have complete control. We can try. We can attempt.

But we will never be in complete control.

And that concept is not suffocating – it is liberating to not be in control. It means we can de-stress (stress reduces our immune system’s power anyway) and take the precautions that are within our reach.

Then leave the rest to Allah.



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